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I got to know about AliExpress in a fashion blog. I found many nice things and I am amazed with the variety! My first purchase was 2 glasses.
My name is Julie. I received so many compliments on my work that I started to offer fondant cake toppers and other supplies for kids’ parties.
AliExpress contains ALOT of different sellers. It’s my first time buying online ever, and it was a big order, containing 19 dresses.
AliExpress has been very good and nice ever since I started using them for my mini importing business, one thing I make sure I do is I buy from shops.
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I have ordered a lot of different items from aliexpress and have been really impressed by the quality and delivery of items. I have had a few crap items but have always got a full refund without any hassle.
I have only used this site once and it was to purchase a cheap phone case, one of the only reasons to really use this site. I had found a case featuring a favorite band of mine and places an order online on Jan 17th of this year. I got a tracking number but wasn’t able to get any information from it, however I knew going in that it could take a couple weeks to get. I got in about 3 weeks later, I guess I got lucky since it was exactly what I ordered and in good condition. Make sure you check out seller ratings before purchasing!
Love my bundles and looking forward to shopping with AliExpress really soon.
I have ordered several times and always were happy with the shipping time and the product.
I I’m a hairstylist and purchase lots of virgin hair as well as styling tools from this site. I have never had a problem with the quality and I always receive my items in a timely manner. The key is watch the reviews I only purchased from vendors that have feedback with positive numbers and positive results if the vendor does not have feedback or if none of the reviews are from an American customer do not buy.
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Satisfied with purchase. There was some hickups but it was resolved speedly without no fuss. Thanks for making my online shopping experence easy.
I like to buy different things via Internet very much. It is profitably, fast and safe. So I am in search of site, which can satisfy my conditions. I had seen the Aliexpress in posters, advertasing and the Internet is full of goods from this site. So I decided to order presents for my family. There are so many creative presents, so it didn’t take a lot of efforts to find needed things. Everuthing was delivered very fast, I told to a seller to pavk everything properly. I didn’t pay so much and the gifts were unique(you can’t find the same in my city)
I usually trust the ratings here, but the rating for this site is total BS and must be fixed!!! AliExpress is the only marketplace I know that uses escrow for 100% of purchaces. The dispute process is super customer biased – you will get a full refund for almost ANY reason. (I am yet to hear about a refused claim). Basically you can shop with full confidence that your money is safe. I say this based on hundreds of purchaces me and friends have made over the years. Now, it is true that seller communication can be a bit of a menace, and that items usually take forever to arrive using free / standard shipping option, so you do need to set your expectations accordingly. For me this is almost always offset by the price delta vs. other options, and the absolute purchace protection. Also, note that this marketplace mostly offers non-branded products, plus some chinese brands, such as xiaomi and others. If you’re looking for more popular brands I suggest looking elsewhere. Bottom line, this is by far my preferred outlet for “cheap stuff” – MUCH better than eBay IMO.
After reading many of the negative reviews about Aliexpress, I hesitated for a long time from buying from them. But in June 2015, I decided to chance it/risk it and put in an order. Thought maybe item wouldn’t show up or would be of poor quality. Don’t know, maybe it depends on what type of item you buy from them. I have never bought ‘electrical’ or ‘designer fashion clothing’ from them which many of the complaints on this site seem to be about. I have only ever ordered an Adult EPL football jersey, iron-on EPL badges, letters and numbers, Football (soccer) towels and drink bottles and kids Spanish football league jersey/shorts kits. So back in June 2015, I put in an order with Aliexpress for four EPL iron-badges not knowing whether they would show up or not. Cost me $9.90 US (with free postage.) Thought an inexpensive chance to take. About 2-3 weeks later, item arrives to me here in Australia. Compared them to the ‘Official’ badges I have on other jerseys I have previously bought from ‘Official club’ websites. Can’t tell the difference. So decided to put another order in for something else. Same thing – arrived 2-3 weeks later. Up to date (Nov 2015), I have placed 19 orders with them. 18 of the 19 orders arrived, only one went missing. Of those 18 orders that arrived, they were posted within 2-7 days from ordering and received by me within 2-3 weeks. (Only one or two of the orders took around 40 days.) On this site other people have complained about dealing with sellers when they have not received what they ordered. With the missing order I had, I lodged a ‘Dispute’ order under their ‘Buyer Protection’ policy. No hassle from the seller and was refunded back onto my Visa card 8-9 days after I lodged the ‘Dispute’ notice. I have found all the items I have ordered to be of very-good quality and as most of them were sport clothing or went on the clothing they have passed the ‘test-of-time’ through washing them time and time again. I question whether many of the complaints on this site are genuine or are from people connected to rival on-line stores worried Aliexpress is cutting in on their business because of their very cheap prices and often ‘free postage’. (I have never had to pay postage on any of my orders, they have all been Free postage items.) The Chinese are like everyone, they are there to run a business and have satisfied customers who will buy from them time and time again. Who knows maybe I am one of the lucky ones. But seems a lot of occasions to be lucky. Can’t fault them. Good On-line store. Will use again.
Great Service overall, ordered multiple times now so i am confidant to write this review. most items arrive within 10-15 days to my in Qatar with some taking up to 4 weeks but its free shipping so cant complain. The website is good to use. the mobile app works well also. Happy Customer and will continue to use them.
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I’ve ordered many things from AliExpress, and so far they have been up to standard. The sellers are quick to respond and they also help me with things like tracking and information about the product involved. I find that shopping apps and websites like AliExpress can be trusted, however you do need to check things like reviews and ratings on the products, just to be sure. I’ve also used shopping apps like Wish, who, like ALiExpress, are quite accurate and give fairly cheap prices and discounts rather than the over-priced product we get in the UK. IT CAN BE TRUSTED, IT’S JUST WHO YOU’RE BUYING IT FROM THAT YOU NEED TO LOOK OUT FOR!
I have been purchasing clothing, clothing accessories and simple medical devices from AliExpress for about one year. I am a careful shopper, doing as much homework and research as I can before the purchase. I study the fabric and size, taking into consideration that China goods are measured in the Metric system. One inch = 2.54 cm. You simply cannot buy clothing using the “small, medium, large” or “10, 12, 14, etc.” of American clothing goods. I also consider the rating of the seller, as AliExpress provides a grading system for each supplier. So far, I am extremely happy with about 90% of goods received. There were only about 5 disappointments; where the product was supposed to be larger, but arrived too small (Chinese are petite); or wrong color was shipped. When I submitted questions to suppliers, they answered in a speedy fashion. Expect a one to two-month wait for most goods, but well worth the wait. Learn the system and you can take advantage of some great bargains.
Since last 06 months I have started buying on Aliexpress but I was member of since last 6 years and never tried purchasing from that website before. Now in last 3 months I did USD1000 purchases from them found them my God too cheap prices I can never believe that someone can give me a chronograph watch which looks cost USD$60 is only USD$6, and when it receive it was amazing in quality. Only thing which I am not happy is quality of clothing and clothes whatever you buy from them is really not reliable. Electronics, Watches, Jewellery, Home décor rest all whatever I buy was amazing in quality I will recommend Aliexpress.
I personally love Aliexpress. I mean… free shipping, ridiculously cheap prices… of course some stuff won’t be the highest quality but I have yet to receive something that was bad. However I do keep my purchases to relatively simple items: a stuffed animal, stockings, corsets (all the corsets I have gotten have been AMAZING quality and an amazing buy for the price) and a necklace or two. Also never had a problem with any fraud. I’d say keep the expensive and important stuff to in-person sellers and the cheap and easy things to those with free shipping.
Have been using aliexpress for about 8 months now. a lot of orders. really enjoy using them, have had a couple of run in with sellers, but I am well satisfied.