AliExpress Coupons

How do I get coupons?

AliExpress Coupons on AliExpress
You can get AliExpress coupons by participating in various promotion programs sponsored by may sponsor various promotion programs and distribute AliExpress coupons through various means including distributing AliExpress coupons through or websites, our social network sites such as the ones on Facebook or Twitter, our business partners, etc.
You can also get coupons from sellers who are also distributing seller coupons on AliExpress.
AliExpress coupons are only given out to single individuals registered to a single account.AliExpress reserves the right to reclaim moneys and/or coupons lost from anyone using fraudulent methods (such as multiple account identities) to try and get multiple AliExpress coupons.
What type of items can I use my coupons on?
Coupons can be used on any regularly priced item on AliExpress. Generally speaking, coupons will have a minimum purchase requirement. You may only use a coupon if the order amount exceeds the minimum purchase requirement.
What other purposes can I use my coupons?
You can only use your coupons on AliExpress orders.
My coupon is about to expire. Can I extend the validity period?
The validity period of coupons cannot be extended, you should use the coupon before the expiration time.
Can I exchange coupons for cash?
No. Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.
Can I give my coupon to someone else?
No. Coupons are non-transferable.
How do I use my coupon?
1. First, check you have a valid coupon in your account 2. Choose the product you want to buy 3.Use the coupon when you confirm your order
What do the different coupon statuses mean?
To view all your coupons that you have activated or redeemed, sign into My AliExpress, click “Transactions” and then click “My Coupons” in the left column.
There are 4 status of coupons on AliExpress: 1. Valid Coupons are available for use on AliExpress orders on regualar items. You can select the Valid Coupon you want to use for a particular order on the Place Order page. If a coupon has a minimum purchase requirement, the amount of the order must exceed the minimum purchase requirement. 2. Inactive Coupons mean that the coupon has been applied on your order, but the transactions are not closed yet. 3. Expired Coupons are no longer available for use. 4. Used Coupons are the coupons you have already used on previous order(s) and are no longer available for use. 5. Pending Coupon status will be offline soon and you can ignore it.
What’s the difference between AliExpress Coupon and Seller Coupon?
AliExpress Coupon is issued by and can be used on any regularly priced item on AliExpress. And seller coupon issued by the seller and can only be used on items in the seller`s store.
Besides, if the coupon order has a refund, there are also differences:
1. If it was the AliExpress coupon order, when you are entitled a partial refund, the coupon/coupon code will not be returned to you. When you are entitled a full refund, the coupon will be returned to you (but the coupon code is unable to be returned to you) 2. If you use Seller Coupon for the order and requested a partial or full refund, coupon/coupon code will not be returned to you.
Can I use my coupons in combined orders?
Yes! You can use the Shopping Cart to combine items in the following situations: 1. To pay for multiple items combined in your Shopping Cart that have more than one seller. 2.To pay for multiple items combined in your Shopping Cart from a single seller.
How to combine products from the same seller:
1. Add the products to your Shopping Cart by clicking ‘Add to Cart’. 2. The system will automatically combine products from the same seller. Click ‘Buy all from this seller’.